A minute of silence. And isn’t it too little?
Publikováno 24.11.2015 v kategorii: Postřehy

On last Monday at noon, Europe held a minute of silence. At least that is what was reported by all the news agencies. They meant that the minute of silence was held by the leading representatives of the European Union. And I am asking: one minute only?

A minute of silence is held for just about anything and anybody these days. In my view, the horrific act of brutal violence on innocent people in Paris would have deserved much more than a minute of silence.

Dear EU representatives, the men at the wheel of European integration, architects of the joint unified and centralized mutuality, do you have a feeling that a minute of silence is sufficient? I feel certain it is not. One minute is too little. Even ten minutes is too little. Even half a day is too little. Let you be silenced once and for all. Be quiet.

Take a look at your creation. Look, where you led your European integration Brussels dream, to which end you have brought your efforts. You, Eurocentralizers from Berlin, Paris, Brussels and elsewhere (and yes, from our country too, you too), hurray-Europeans, European cheerleaders, assasins of parliamentary democracies in the member states, destructors of democratic states’sovereignties, liquidators of elementary foundations of our society, civilization and culture, take a careful look at your creation.

If you, for once, wish to do something good for the citizens of the EU member states, leave. And shut up. Not for a minute. For ever.


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