Quantum computing doomsayers are mostly anti-quantum zealots
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Political violence close to me: On Saturday, Ladislav Jakl – a very close life-long collaborator of the Czech ex-president Klaus and my fellow lecturer in a climate bi-lecture we gave to Southern Bohemian schools in Fall 2014 [Jakl-Motl just rhymes, doesn’t it?] – was brutally attacked in the Prague Subway.

The number of attackers was probably two. One of them screamed „You are that Jakl, the leader of SPD“. The attackers were clearly warriors for diversity, peace, and love. He’s not really a „leader“ in any way, not even a member, he was just running for SPD to Senate once and failed, and he was formally appointed by SPD, the „nationalist“ party, to some chair[s] (Jakl is a member of the Committee for Public TV – and he wants to abolish this neo-Marxist den). For the first time, I coincidentally voted for SPD on Friday. Jakl ended on the floor of the cart near the „Square of the Republic“ stop of the yellow B Line. The event has left his head and shoulders with visible cosmetic traces that shouldn’t have long-term consequences – although he’s gone through one sleepless night due to the pain. Let me hope that no Prague subway will be built in Pilsen. The attack was denounced by many, including Jakl’s political foes. Ex-president Klaus‘ criticism was harsh and he blamed the attack on the globalist scoundrels who don’t respect the results of elections while his son Klaus Jr „credited“ those who are brainwashing our youth.


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